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Hotel Rates by Booking Date

Book your room now or wait? Compare hotel price trends by booking date to find out.

Hotel Recommendations

Tell us your favorite hotels and we'll recommend similar ones in your choice of city.

Destination Hot Spots

See Orbitz travelers' top flight and hotel destinations.

Best Bets by Traveler Type

See top hotels for families, couples, singles, LGBT and others.

Flight Search Patterns

This animated map shows you the typical daily flight searches on Orbitz.

Hotel Rates Heatmap

Compare average daily rates to previous years with this handy calendar.

Hotel Rates by Day of Week

Are you flexible with travel dates? We’ll show you which days of the week offer the best hotel rates.

Seasonal Hotel Price Trends

Plan your trip around your destination’s best seasonal rates, charted over the course of a year.

Archived Tools

Big Game Hotel Finder

Kick off your Big Game travel plans with our interactive hotel tool that maps out everything fans need to know—room prices, hot neighborhoods, and distance from the stadium.

Big Game Flight Finder

Our playbook for getting the best flight deals: Use our quick and easy flight tool to find the lowest current fares based on airport, airline and travel dates.